TNTLab Projects

Current Projects

Gamifying the Online Classroom (2011-)

Investigators: Landers, Landers
This field study examines the potential vaue of gamification to improve motivation/engagement and learning outcomes in an online classroom project.

Backchannel Communication: Can Text Messaging Improve Classroom Learning? (2011-)

Investigators: Landers, Landers, Cavanaugh
This laboratory study utilizes random assignment to examine the potential for text messaging as a tool to improve traditional classroom instruction using Apple iPads.

Using Information Derived from the Online Social Network Site Facebook as a Predictor of Job Performance (2010-)

Investigators: Landers, Cavanaugh
This project examines the potential of Facebook to provide information useful to employers in making selection (hiring) decisions.

Negatively Worded Items (2011-)

Investigators: Reddock, Landers
This project examines the value of negatively-worded and negatively-themed items in personality measures for the prediction of work-related outcomes.

Contextualized Honesty Testing for the Prediction of Cheating in Unproctored Internet-based Testing (2010-)

Investigators: Landers, Callan, Leffler
This project examines potential difficult-to-fake predictors of dishonest behavior (e.g. cheating) in online unproctored Internet-based testing.

Anonymity and Agency in Discussion (2009-)

Investigators: Landers, Callan
This project examines the use of anonymity and agency (representation in real life, in a chat room, and in a virtual world) to improve training outcomes when learning about controversial training topics (such as affirmative action or sexual harassment).

Disposition-Treatment Interactions in Distributed Training (2009-)

Investigators: Landers, Reddock
This project examines differences in learning outcomes when crossing dispositional characteristics with online communication modes. More extraverted trainees, for example, might benefit from an online discussion in which they are able to interact with others more quickly and with more expression.

Social Networking and Learner-Centered Measurement in Automated Social Mentoring Systems (2009-)

Investigators: Landers, Callan
Funding: ODU Office of Research, pursuing National Science Foundation
This project examines the use of learner-centered measurement and social networks to provide a system by which to automatically determine and assign mentors within an organization, in order to support an online training initiative. For more information, see this introductory video to socialPsych, the online social network we created and deployed in the ODU Department of Psychology during Summer 2010. For more information on our proposal to the National Science Foundation, see our project wiki.

Traditional and Web-based Instruction: A Comparison of Training Methods (2008-)

Investigators: Landers, Reddock, Callan
This project uses meta-analysis to investigate the differences between training outcomes for those participating on traditional, face-to-face instruction and web-based training programs.